TomTom Xl Live and missing traffic updates

We recently move from our trust TomTom One to the wizzy TomTom XL Live. Unfortunately some where in the update process, the TomTom live was only part activated…. basically the TomTom traffic update kept complaining the account did not have a valid subscription.

After a couple of frustrating conversations with their support the issue was identified.

The map update process had managed to zero out two important files, these being traffic.dat and tmccodes.dat. The support person said they would email the two files but I needed a quicker solution rather than waiting for the email (which so far has taken 1hr… as opposed to the 15mins that was promised).

Any the solution to is to extract these files from your downloaded maps, which will be in the TomTom Downloads area… on my mac these are found in the file “”.

So I just extracted the files with:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp
unzip -x ../ traffic.dat tmccodes.dat

and then replaced the files in the maps/Western_Europe directory on the TomTom itself, safely unmounted the TomTom drive, reboot it… and it worked…

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