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A good new years gift…

My day job keeps me housed in Visual Studio 2010/Windows, so for my out of hours development I feel I need a change, so for many years I have been a home mac and/or linux user; anyway I have used … Continue reading

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A Comparison Of .Net COBOL, Visual Basic and C#

Today my collegues Robert and Alex have finally decided to publish a document that compares Visual Basic, C# and COBOL for .Net under The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Rather than doing a cut-paste job, here is a quote from … Continue reading

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Detecting the use Mono CLR dynamically

While developing something that could be used on Mono on Windows, Mono on Unix and on Windows with Microsoft’s CLR, I needed to be sensitive to the environment but didn’t want to conditionally compile my code different. So I put … Continue reading

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C# and reserved words

Have you ever wanted to create some real nasty code in C#… Well C# has a mechanism that allows a token to be used as a literal, thus avoiding the reserved word clash issues… For example; int @int = 1; … Continue reading

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