iRiver Story Firmware upgrade v1.6.1 (update)

iRiver have again upgraded the firmware for the “iRiver Story” to revision 1.6.1 (previous v1.6.0 has been removed).

So what is different?

1. Added Functions
a. Dithering function on PDF File and EPUB File
b. FB2Viewer function

2. Improvements

a. Loading Speed improved on PDF File

The firmware can be downloaded from [click on me].   Time to upgrade… fingers crossed it helps…

I have updated the firmware and it seems to basically work, for those that download it, here are the checksums:

Note: if you have downloaded v.1.6.1, the checksum’s should be:

stephen-gennards-macbook:v1.6.1 spg$ sum ebook.hex
32519 64116 ebook.hex
stephen-gennards-macbook:v1.6.1 spg$ md5 ebook.hex
MD5 (ebook.hex) = 456014efac1b638f8d3e4088f1a628be

If however your checksum’s are… then you have the earlier v1.6.0 which appears to have been removed from the website, so you need togo back to the website and re-download it.

$ sum ebook.hex
33843 64116 ebook.hex
$ md5 ebook.hex
MD5 (ebook.hex) = 591e9274a476b8337f40b2ec30e21a50

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19 Responses to iRiver Story Firmware upgrade v1.6.1 (update)

  1. Aquaman says:

    Thanks for the download link. Did you get the dictionary option seen in one of the images in the link?

    • spgennard says:

      Yes, I can see the “Dithering” function and from my first look at it is seems okay.

      I used the front page of the “Google App Engine” book from O’Reilly and it looks a little more defined but to be honest I had to turn it on/off a few times to see the difference.

  2. Ben says:

    How long does this firmware upgrade take? My Story has been at it for two hours now.

  3. Ben says:

    Sadly not. The device has certainly crashed.

    I’ve tried resetting it, but no response. Same with the power button. It won’t connect to my PC or Mac either now. How can I restart it?

  4. Ben says:

    Just to say it has finally restarted after resetting about twenty times. The firmware is installed, so my resetting was a coincidence.

  5. spgennard says:

    I feel installing firmwares is a very fraught business, I am glad you have managed to get it installed.

  6. Ben says:

    Annoyingly the device now won’t go past the loading db please wait screen. All I can do is reset. When it’s plugged in there’s no chance to access the Story from a PC. It’ll sit there saying ‘charing battery’ all day. In fact it’s still charging from this morning. This is a bad experience!

  7. I have had the same problem as Ben for a week now. I’m not impressed. claims that it might be possible to boot from a SD-card. Seems like you need an older version of ebook.hex than the latest, though. Ben, is your device still frozen?

  8. Mark P says:

    Hi, I was interested in your disucssion of firmware upgrades for Iriver Story. I have recently purcahsed one and now find that I can only download epub formats from the public domain. DRM epub formats don’t seem to be able be read by the ereader -though I can read them with Digital Edition on my PC ..but this is not the point. I have had response from Iriver yet and I was wondering if your forum has any advise to overcome this problem eg suitable firmware availble. Mark

    • spgennard says:

      Most of the books I used on the iRiver Story are published by O’Reilly which happens to be DRM free. I have a couple of fiction books I wanted to buy, so I this week I will look into this and see what happens and drop you a line about my experiences.

  9. Maurice says:

    Hi, sorry to be dense but followed your link for the firmware upgrade but not clear to me where to copy it to on the console. The reference to removable disk seems to imply using an SD card? Thanks.

  10. Maurice says:

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Just to let you know, file downloaded without problems and having copied over to SD card upgraded and rebooted in less than 5 minutes. Great, thanks.

  11. Sheer says:

    Can you help me, please?
    I have the same problem as Maurice, but I can boot from SD Card:( I can`t get where I go wrong:(((

  12. Matt says:

    Hi, I’ve tried to uprgrade, but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve copied the file of 1.71 onto the main file of the story. I’m currently running version 1.12. Will I need to uprgrade from a newer version. So to speak, will I need to download an older version first? Thanks
    P.S. I’ve already tried using an SD-Card –> Same thing

    • spgennard says:

      The trick is to have the file in the root directory of the sd card and ensure it has the right name.

      I connect iRiver story to my pc/mac todo the transfer to the SD card and then when I disconnect the iRiver Story springs into life and does the firmware update.

  13. Lesley says:

    I have had my Story 2 weeks. I have upgraded to 1.71. Since then it keeps hanging/freezing after I read about 6 pages and then it needs up to 20 resets before it reboots. It freezes about 90% through the loading screen, same place every time then eventually loads properly. (Till next time!)

    Also I set the date when I got the Story but it has reset since the firmware upgrade to 2009 October. Now I cannot set the date as it won’t accept input.

    Do you think I have a faulty Unit? I cannot get a response from iRiver and I only have 12 days left on my 30 day no questions asked return to WH Smith. Not sure what to do.

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