Review of iRiver Story firmware update

Since installing the latest firmware update aka version 1.5.   I have experience the odd issue but as I have tried to be analytical about what issues I see.

I have been lucky enough to be reading a couple of books from O’Reilly which deliver their eBooks in multiple formats, as the iRiver supports both ePub and PDF.  I have chosen to install both versions of the same book, so if I experience a issue with one I can flip to the other.

Here is what I have found so far:

  • Reading of PDF seems to be the most reliable
  • Reading of ePub documents seems to very slow in comparison
  • PDF reading can be pain with small text, reflow helps but destroys technical book formats that has embedded code in it
  • Battery life is much better

I have had a couple of crashes/hangs of the iRiver but so far it has only been with ePub files.  So guess what… I will be avoiding them like the plague.

Has other people had the similar issues?

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