MacBook keyboard pains and VirtualBox/VMWare

As a MacBook user who has used Virtualisation on the mac for sometime now but only usually with Linux based OS, I was forced to use it with Windows recently and I quickly found out how badly it handles UK Macbook keyboards.

The default UK keyboard mapping on a MacBook are pretty much useless when using Virtual PC emulators such VirtualBox or VMWARE.

With this in mind, have produced a custom keyboard layout which maps all the keys to right place.

The only two exceptions are the two OPT keys, which I could only managed to map them to ALT-n keys, so the alternative mapping for these are:

€ aka left OPT 2 is mapped to right ALT 2

# aka left OPT 3 is mapped to right ALT 3

To use the customer keyboard mapping, download the .zip, unzip it.. and click on mbkbdsetup.exe and it will install the custom keyboard called “United Kindom – MacBook – Custom“.

And this me using it… boy did this make more productive!

This a screen shot me trying it out… 🙂

(link fixed)

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4 Responses to MacBook keyboard pains and VirtualBox/VMWare

  1. dam0ne says:

    Hi there spgennard, could you please elaborate a bit on how did you make the custom layout? I have the same problem you had, but with a spanish layout keyboard. Thanks in advance.

  2. franck says:

    Hi there, thanks a lot for publishing your work but thing is the link seems dead, could you update the link please?
    I would really like to use it as it is exactly what I need!
    Thanks in advance and best wishes for the new year!

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