iRiver Story firmware 1.71 + update

Note: Updated since original post – see updates at the end of blog post

I noticed yesterday that “Doren Katz” over @ has found a firmware upgrade for the iRiver story.

However, I failed to find the original download on any of the korean, china or japan iriver websites but non the less downloaded I downloaded it myself to have a look but rather than installing I decided to have a peek inside the ebook.hex file.

Firstly, this is really a .zip file with a false 128byte header, so its time to get the swiss-army does everything with files utility out and strip the header off with:

dd if=ebook.hex bs=128 skip=1

Next, lets look for what has changed between the different version’s, so as “unzip” includes the crc check for each file, we just need to create a text file with the files in sorted order with the appropriate crc check included. I used a combination of unzip/awk/sort

unzip -v | awk '{ print $8, $7 }' | sort >ebook.17.txt

I did this for the ebook.hex from Doren’s site and the official 1.61 file.

So, what can I deduce from the update…

  • Russian support has been added
  • New files for wifi support have been added
  • New files include words “activate”/”deactivate”….?
  • New files include words “net[2].png”
  • Adobe DRM support, Battery, book, mp3 player, comic and diary programs have changed
  • The big question is….. should I install it?

    < /app/Jmp3_player_copy dae2fc2f < /app/adoberm.feb 4f1e60d8 < /app/battery.feb 724b81b7 < /app/book2pngd 8aa7a959 < /app/comic.feb 4890784e < /app/diary.feb ff30e8e1 < /app/dictionary.feb 382ebe89 --- > /app/Jmp3_player_copy 6a0faa48
    > /app/adoberm.feb f674266f
    > /app/battery.feb 7cdc4c54
    > /app/book2pngd 17c806e5
    > /app/comic.feb f6c6345f
    > /app/diary.feb 25659da7
    > /app/dictionary.feb 781e20e2
    < /app/fw_upgrade.feb 9b08005f --- > /app/flowdjvu.feb 95170f69
    > /app/fw_upgrade.feb a977653a
    > /app/gui/dictionary/b7_language_ru.png 4ce08345
    > /app/gui/dictionary/b7_language_ru_dim.png 3ab9d628
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_1.png fb4ce084
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_2.png fe60db45
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_3.png e9cdac53
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_4.png d9a0fdfd
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_5.png ed8c4569
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_connect.png db8fe801
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_fail.png 3e734ff4
    > /app/gui/meta/a1_adobe_popup.png 25262eb5
    < /app/gui/meta/a1_intro_logo.png d1e5db2b --- > /app/gui/meta/a1_intro_logo.png a491fb66
    > /app/gui/meta/a1_main_kr_2nd_10.png 7c2e457a
    > /app/gui/meta/blank.png 38292862
    < /app/gui/setting/b8_2depth_bg_05.png 4b7c4a52 --- > /app/gui/setting/b8_2depth_bg_05.png 1763b35d
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_List_check.png 9fd674fc
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_ade_activate.png 04751fb2
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_ade_deactivate.png 96ae1647
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_back.png 0eb541b8
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_box.png 0a225807
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level0.png ee96b67a
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level1.png 43455e96
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level2.png 0d10f8fc
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level3.png c075afa1
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level4.png 12a25883
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_line.png 57fe49fe
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_linegray.png 15001b71
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_linepoint.png f3b228d5
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_lock.png d3b59bc1
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_net.png 0f4cda3e
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_net2.png c4098194
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_smallcor.png 9b4d9088
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_white_bg.png 725ec4ba
    > /app/gui/setting/wifi_popup_1.png 926677b1
    > /app/gui/setting/wifi_popup_2.png 46f9fee6
    < /app/memo 00000000 < /app/memo.feb 1646263a < /app/memo/ b36689a0 < /app/memo/ d20aa03c < /app/memo/ 379ceda0 < /app/memo/ 69a13eaf < /app/memo/ d0ca0e8e < /app/memo/ 04f06997 < /app/memo/ 893aa55e < /app/memo/ 833f50f3 < /app/memo/ 6ccefec5 < /app/memo/ 893aa55e < /app/memo/ 893aa55e < /app/memo/test_01.txt 01361e77 < /app/memo/test_02.txt a72b03e7 < /app/memo/test_03.txt 6ded434e --- > /app/memo.feb f74f0cd8
    < /app/menu/mstring_chn_bun.xml 5edcdbaa < /app/menu/mstring_chn_gan.xml 866b83af < /app/menu/mstring_cze.xml f3753a46 < /app/menu/mstring_eng.xml 03655fa5 < /app/menu/mstring_esp.xml 6c3c3235 < /app/menu/mstring_fra.xml 0a94ed52 < /app/menu/mstring_ger.xml 1ccb1a09 < /app/menu/mstring_ita.xml 32079d5d < /app/menu/mstring_jpn.xml 07c0942d < /app/menu/mstring_kor.xml e5f3026a < /app/menu/mstring_ned.xml c9475bd4 < /app/menu/mstring_pol.xml 227f5b6e < /app/menu/mstring_rom.xml 73773188 < /app/menu/mstring_rus.xml c1a98068 < /app/menu/mstring_swe.xml 692f1666 < /app/menu/mstring_tur.xml 0fc0f613 < /app/music.feb 958c784c < /app/mybook.feb 18b604cc < /app/officev.feb fe8a2a0a < /app/record.feb a60ca3d2 < /app/setting.feb f3df4f7b < /app/sleep.feb 908aa125 < /app/start.feb bec9f5fc < /app/textv.feb 4bccd791 < /flow_copy 91a64728 --- > /app/menu/mstring_chn_bun.xml 32514995
    > /app/menu/mstring_chn_gan.xml fc16c921
    > /app/menu/mstring_cze.xml 060d4e95
    > /app/menu/mstring_eng.xml 901e3399
    > /app/menu/mstring_esp.xml 93ccd5ee
    > /app/menu/mstring_fra.xml 72e85228
    > /app/menu/mstring_ger.xml ec8509ad
    > /app/menu/mstring_ita.xml d419b1e6
    > /app/menu/mstring_jpn.xml 3612c90b
    > /app/menu/mstring_kor.xml 58211d44
    > /app/menu/mstring_ned.xml d42b8f79
    > /app/menu/mstring_pol.xml f26e6a3e
    > /app/menu/mstring_rom.xml 30f0eced
    > /app/menu/mstring_rus.xml ce84b1c2
    > /app/menu/mstring_swe.xml 93cb5772
    > /app/menu/mstring_tur.xml ef70fff1
    > /app/music.feb 9f5cf3ed
    > /app/mybook.feb 0435904d
    > /app/officev.feb e8aa5396
    > /app/record.feb 32162b61
    > /app/setting.feb 5defea8b
    > /app/sleep.feb e643465b
    > /app/start.feb c92d3234
    > /app/textv.feb ec5cc8ec
    > /flow_copy 4d2a5c88
    < /font/langpack_cjk.dat 721019b0 --- > /font/langpack_cjk.dat 390c4e98
    > /lib 00000000
    > /lib/iconv.flb 7813fea9
    < /rootfs.cramfs c9b5dd2c --- > /rootfs.cramfs 1b2ef996
    < /system/setting/chi/setting.xml 90cd38ed < /system/setting/chi/setting_org.xml 90cd38ed --- > /system/setting/chi/setting.xml 6eae4e12
    > /system/setting/chi/setting_org.xml 6eae4e12
    < /system/setting/eng/setting.xml 37975967 < /system/setting/eng/setting_org.xml 37975967 < /system/setting/hkg 00000000 < /system/setting/hkg/keylang.xml a21af0d2 < /system/setting/hkg/keylang_org.xml a21af0d2 < /system/setting/hkg/setting.xml 78044006 < /system/setting/hkg/setting_org.xml 78044006 --- > /system/setting/eng/setting.xml 9c584ec3
    > /system/setting/eng/setting_org.xml 9c584ec3
    < /system/setting/kor/setting.xml d5bdd61b < /system/setting/kor/setting_org.xml d5bdd61b --- > /system/setting/kor/setting.xml 38cbefde
    > /system/setting/kor/setting_org.xml 38cbefde
    < /system/setting/rus/setting.xml df5e218c < /system/setting/rus/setting_org.xml df5e218c < /u-boot.bin 3a6b0079 < /zImage 908756fe --- > /system/setting/rus/setting.xml 29a221fa
    > /system/setting/rus/setting_org.xml 29a221fa
    > /u-boot.bin adee774f
    > /zImage 16e8b673

    Update – Original link to firmware found @

    Update -2

    A very quick translation, gives us the following…

  • Djvu files support the function lower part from Story products.
  • Bookmark
  • Magnification (4 phases) – Functions in advance Popup (the case where the advance contents is loaded)
  • Ability to set the time with timezone
  • Fixes include:

  • ZIP file use at the time of pages amended the case malfunction part which will press long from comic view [e].
  • The part DOCX file use at the time of document sees, amended an error part. (From firmware 1.70 amendment)
  • When page pressing long, amended the part which goes wrong. (From firmware 1.70 amendment)
  • Relation of hot key configuration feature amended the part which goes wrong. (From firmware 1.70 amendment)
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    15 Responses to iRiver Story firmware 1.71 + update

    1. Hans Drieenhuizen says:

      I have no clue how to install the new firmware. Could you please help me.

    2. rcs says:

      Download the update form IRiver international site. Rename the file to ebook.hex.
      Then copy the file form pc to root of the e-reader and disconnect.
      The IRiver will the automatically update the firmware.

      For what is worth I have on my weblog more items about e-books en e-readers.
      I myself own a IRiver Story

    3. Rai Come says:

      @rcs yes thanks, but why is it they cant write that on their update page? and why namen it .hex, and not just .hex

      Sad that they only have updatet no. 6 of my long list of problems. Here is my list, plus their answers which is 2 month old.

      Problems to consider:

      1. The Zoom with the four steps, should be possible to customize in settings, so I would be able to have it on medium/sec.medium/high as my own customized standard.

      We are working on this issue.

      2. Zoom in both versions does not work in landscape mode. Why?
      We are working on this issue to upgrade the firmware in order for this function to work.

      Right now we are working on:

      -reaction speed of the buttons

      -freeze problem

      -Djvu viewer function to be added

      -more functions to be added in the future

      *Since we are currently working on a Touch Screen Wifi version of the iRiver Story, it may take some time to develop different areas of the Story.

      3. The corner Zoom has to be easier in functionality, (sorry but to 80es software engineer loves his idea)
      We are currently working on this issue for easier functionality.

      4. When I have a book on my SD card and read in it, the Story does not save my Reflow and Zoom settings, this means that i every time I read a book from my SD card have to inter the settings once more. (sorry but that’s really crappy)

      If you insert the SD card, book folder is created. If you want to keep the settings of the books you are saving, you must save it under this “book” folder. Further explanations about this issue are to come.

      5. Why does the Story not recognize any book in the book section when i only have my books on a SD card, should recognize them. (have my books on diffrent SD cards, categorized)
      This means that each time re-inter another SD card it shall remember where i was in the book and what Reflow/zoom i had, otherwise it wont be real to call it an expansion possibility.
      This is a similar situation as question #4.

      6. The Reflow display some pdf, very weird, exampled under:

      Fred is fat and lives in a shel
      ter while eating fish with his toes, and usually he sleeps with fresh herring under his pillow.
      Unfortunate for the other resi
      dents in the shelter, he is resisting any fish related arguments.

      So it breaks the lines in some words, this is really not acceptable, please fix it.
      This is due to reflow information not being put into the actual book file correctly. But we are still working on it.

      7. Must agree with critics that it is cheap not to deliver a cover with the story.
      Planning to take care of this situation.

      8. There should be a possibility to set the story, to re-inter directly into the book you just read last time, so you dont have to g0 through the menu every time.

      If you turn on the device while in sleep mode, it will continue from where you left off. The problem is that currently, it is not possible to go back to where you left off if you turn off the device completely. It is not impossible to obtain this function. Instead, customers can use the “recent book” function for now.

      9. I can not bookmark pages in pdf’s.
      That is because the book file is not under the “book” folder.

      10. Recent book, should be resent books, if you are reading several at the time.
      We are looking into that function as well.

    4. Rai Come says:

      But actually they havent updated no.6

    5. Someone says:

      Just bought a story for reading papers. Landscape zoom mode is a must for this application, as many journals are in a small two-column layout that is difficult to read at less than A4 widths. Being able to crop out the gutter print area would be very useful

    6. baka says:

      @Ray Come, can you clarify the possibility and terms of english dictionary installing and fb2 encoding fix? I mean, fb2 is working OK only for UTF-8 encoding and freeze the Story on files with other encodings. Also, the english version of Britannica will be good point for everybody over the world.

    7. Thanks spgennard for pointing to my blog and for dissecting the HEX file to see what’s in it. I didnt get a chance to have a look at it.

    8. Ummae says:

      Story+wifi version will be soon in Korea(i apply some kind of beta test). there’s only one new feature that just.. wifi..

      Did you know the format of the dictionary in iriver Story? I’m very very looking for the format. If I know it, I will make the e-e dictionary using stardict source.

    9. thomas says:

      I did exactly what they said (instruction) and … there is still 1.61 ver. I hope that software manufacturer do something with pdf files , some of them are displayed properly (size) other not (needs magnifying glass) .In general I’m happy with this device but it required a lot software improvements

      • spgennard says:

        I do too, the pdf view is okay but not great… some documents are others are pain to read unless you view in landscape mode… otherwise I am happy with it.

    10. Lesley says:

      I have had my Story 2 weeks. I have upgraded to 1.71. Since then it keeps hanging/freezing after I read about 6 pages and then it needs up to 20 resets before it reboots. It freezes about 90% through the loading screen, same place every time then eventually loads properly. (Till next time!)

      Also I set the date when I got the Story but it has reset since the firmware upgrade to 2009 October. Now I cannot set the date as it won’t accept input.

      Do you think I have a faulty Unit? I cannot get a response from iRiver and I only have 12 days left on my 30 day no questions asked return to WH Smith. Not sure what to do.

    11. rai come says:

      @baka, sorry know nothing about any dictionary. @lesley send it back, reupdate to the old version, so you dont get any warranty problems.

      this company is not really interested in the costumer, wifi is cool but if you cant read a pdf probably, then….i dont know, i will buy another ereader since the update probably wont come in my or the devices lifetime.

    12. Lesley says:

      News from GoodEReader forums:

      Iriver Story firmware to go opensource
      According to Iriver’s site, iRiver has made Story’s firmware open source:


      We may finally see some real improvements made to the firmware by the community of users. BUT given the fact that it is not a product that has a wide audience, I doubt we are going to see any changes soon. Besides, where do we find the non-official upgrades?

      iRiver may be taking a less active approach in upgrading the firmware from this point on, leaving the upgrades to the community. The promise by iRiver’s management that there would be an English dictionary is probably not going to be fulfilled.

      Comments, anyone?

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