Life under the dust cloud

The week before last I attended Microsoft TechEd here in India, which was a great success.

I especially liked my boss “The COBOLATOR“, who did a great talk about his experiences with Microsoft and his views on using COBOL. This combined we another great talk by Paul/PaulA and Mark about how COBOL is everywhere and how Visual COBOL can seriously help you take advantage of existing COBOL code as well as showing how great COBOL is for new development made a great conference.

When I was not seeing my colleagues perform on stage, I was at our stand meeting people and I have to say the people at the conference were amazingly friendly and very happy to talk mere developer such as myself. It was honestly refreshing to meet such open minded people with a honest interest in using Microsoft technology to its fullest.

Well that was then and now; me and several of my colleagues are trying to get home to the UK but due to the dust cloud caused by the Icelandic volcano we are stranded here. However rather than going completely insane, we have tried to keep busy doing some work and visiting some local sites.

To that end, I have placed some of my photo’s from, these can be found [Here].

I hope you find them interesting and thank goodness for the SkyDrive in the cloud 🙂

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