Visual COBOL @ Microsoft Teched

The last couple of weeks have been very busy and it has unfortunately affected the amount of blog entries I have done but the good news I have plenty of new material..

So, what’s my excuse.. Well we have been counting down the internal builds of Visual COBOL and we are pretty much ready to ship which is a relief since we are going to launching it at the Microsoft’s Visual Studio launch parties in Las Vegas and TechEd in Bangalore April 12-14.

Personally for me I am quite excited because I will be going to Teched in Bangalore to help show off Visual COBOL.

If would like a look at some of the Visual Studio 2010 integration Micro Focus has is about to release, pop along to and see for yourself. Better still, have a visit to teched 🙂

I will finish the silly little blog with a link to a demo of Visual COBOL. Just because I’m proud of it…


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