iRiver Story firmware 1.71 + update

Note: Updated since original post – see updates at the end of blog post

I noticed yesterday that “Doren Katz” over @ has found a firmware upgrade for the iRiver story.

However, I failed to find the original download on any of the korean, china or japan iriver websites but non the less downloaded I downloaded it myself to have a look but rather than installing I decided to have a peek inside the ebook.hex file.

Firstly, this is really a .zip file with a false 128byte header, so its time to get the swiss-army does everything with files utility out and strip the header off with:

dd if=ebook.hex bs=128 skip=1

Next, lets look for what has changed between the different version’s, so as “unzip” includes the crc check for each file, we just need to create a text file with the files in sorted order with the appropriate crc check included. I used a combination of unzip/awk/sort

unzip -v | awk '{ print $8, $7 }' | sort >ebook.17.txt

I did this for the ebook.hex from Doren’s site and the official 1.61 file.

So, what can I deduce from the update…

  • Russian support has been added
  • New files for wifi support have been added
  • New files include words “activate”/”deactivate”….?
  • New files include words “net[2].png”
  • Adobe DRM support, Battery, book, mp3 player, comic and diary programs have changed
  • The big question is….. should I install it?

    < /app/Jmp3_player_copy dae2fc2f
    < /app/adoberm.feb 4f1e60d8
    < /app/battery.feb 724b81b7
    < /app/book2pngd 8aa7a959
    < /app/comic.feb 4890784e
    < /app/diary.feb ff30e8e1
    < /app/dictionary.feb 382ebe89
    > /app/Jmp3_player_copy 6a0faa48
    > /app/adoberm.feb f674266f
    > /app/battery.feb 7cdc4c54
    > /app/book2pngd 17c806e5
    > /app/comic.feb f6c6345f
    > /app/diary.feb 25659da7
    > /app/dictionary.feb 781e20e2
    < /app/fw_upgrade.feb 9b08005f
    > /app/flowdjvu.feb 95170f69
    > /app/fw_upgrade.feb a977653a
    > /app/gui/dictionary/b7_language_ru.png 4ce08345
    > /app/gui/dictionary/b7_language_ru_dim.png 3ab9d628
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_1.png fb4ce084
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_2.png fe60db45
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_3.png e9cdac53
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_4.png d9a0fdfd
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_5.png ed8c4569
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_connect.png db8fe801
    > /app/gui/library/b2_top_icon_wifi_fail.png 3e734ff4
    > /app/gui/meta/a1_adobe_popup.png 25262eb5
    < /app/gui/meta/a1_intro_logo.png d1e5db2b
    > /app/gui/meta/a1_intro_logo.png a491fb66
    > /app/gui/meta/a1_main_kr_2nd_10.png 7c2e457a
    > /app/gui/meta/blank.png 38292862
    < /app/gui/setting/b8_2depth_bg_05.png 4b7c4a52
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_2depth_bg_05.png 1763b35d
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_List_check.png 9fd674fc
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_ade_activate.png 04751fb2
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_ade_deactivate.png 96ae1647
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_back.png 0eb541b8
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_box.png 0a225807
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level0.png ee96b67a
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level1.png 43455e96
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level2.png 0d10f8fc
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level3.png c075afa1
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_level4.png 12a25883
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_line.png 57fe49fe
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_linegray.png 15001b71
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_linepoint.png f3b228d5
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_lock.png d3b59bc1
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_net.png 0f4cda3e
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_net2.png c4098194
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_smallcor.png 9b4d9088
    > /app/gui/setting/b8_white_bg.png 725ec4ba
    > /app/gui/setting/wifi_popup_1.png 926677b1
    > /app/gui/setting/wifi_popup_2.png 46f9fee6
    < /app/memo 00000000
    < /app/memo.feb 1646263a
    < /app/memo/ b36689a0
    < /app/memo/ d20aa03c
    < /app/memo/ 379ceda0
    < /app/memo/ 69a13eaf
    < /app/memo/ d0ca0e8e
    < /app/memo/ 04f06997
    < /app/memo/ 893aa55e
    < /app/memo/ 833f50f3
    < /app/memo/ 6ccefec5
    < /app/memo/ 893aa55e
    < /app/memo/ 893aa55e
    < /app/memo/test_01.txt 01361e77
    < /app/memo/test_02.txt a72b03e7
    < /app/memo/test_03.txt 6ded434e
    > /app/memo.feb f74f0cd8
    < /app/menu/mstring_chn_bun.xml 5edcdbaa
    < /app/menu/mstring_chn_gan.xml 866b83af
    < /app/menu/mstring_cze.xml f3753a46
    < /app/menu/mstring_eng.xml 03655fa5
    < /app/menu/mstring_esp.xml 6c3c3235
    < /app/menu/mstring_fra.xml 0a94ed52
    < /app/menu/mstring_ger.xml 1ccb1a09
    < /app/menu/mstring_ita.xml 32079d5d
    < /app/menu/mstring_jpn.xml 07c0942d
    < /app/menu/mstring_kor.xml e5f3026a
    < /app/menu/mstring_ned.xml c9475bd4
    < /app/menu/mstring_pol.xml 227f5b6e
    < /app/menu/mstring_rom.xml 73773188
    < /app/menu/mstring_rus.xml c1a98068
    < /app/menu/mstring_swe.xml 692f1666
    < /app/menu/mstring_tur.xml 0fc0f613
    < /app/music.feb 958c784c
    < /app/mybook.feb 18b604cc
    < /app/officev.feb fe8a2a0a
    < /app/record.feb a60ca3d2
    < /app/setting.feb f3df4f7b
    < /app/sleep.feb 908aa125
    < /app/start.feb bec9f5fc
    < /app/textv.feb 4bccd791
    < /flow_copy 91a64728
    > /app/menu/mstring_chn_bun.xml 32514995
    > /app/menu/mstring_chn_gan.xml fc16c921
    > /app/menu/mstring_cze.xml 060d4e95
    > /app/menu/mstring_eng.xml 901e3399
    > /app/menu/mstring_esp.xml 93ccd5ee
    > /app/menu/mstring_fra.xml 72e85228
    > /app/menu/mstring_ger.xml ec8509ad
    > /app/menu/mstring_ita.xml d419b1e6
    > /app/menu/mstring_jpn.xml 3612c90b
    > /app/menu/mstring_kor.xml 58211d44
    > /app/menu/mstring_ned.xml d42b8f79
    > /app/menu/mstring_pol.xml f26e6a3e
    > /app/menu/mstring_rom.xml 30f0eced
    > /app/menu/mstring_rus.xml ce84b1c2
    > /app/menu/mstring_swe.xml 93cb5772
    > /app/menu/mstring_tur.xml ef70fff1
    > /app/music.feb 9f5cf3ed
    > /app/mybook.feb 0435904d
    > /app/officev.feb e8aa5396
    > /app/record.feb 32162b61
    > /app/setting.feb 5defea8b
    > /app/sleep.feb e643465b
    > /app/start.feb c92d3234
    > /app/textv.feb ec5cc8ec
    > /flow_copy 4d2a5c88
    < /font/langpack_cjk.dat 721019b0
    > /font/langpack_cjk.dat 390c4e98
    > /lib 00000000
    > /lib/iconv.flb 7813fea9
    < /rootfs.cramfs c9b5dd2c
    > /rootfs.cramfs 1b2ef996
    < /system/setting/chi/setting.xml 90cd38ed
    < /system/setting/chi/setting_org.xml 90cd38ed
    > /system/setting/chi/setting.xml 6eae4e12
    > /system/setting/chi/setting_org.xml 6eae4e12
    < /system/setting/eng/setting.xml 37975967
    < /system/setting/eng/setting_org.xml 37975967
    < /system/setting/hkg 00000000
    < /system/setting/hkg/keylang.xml a21af0d2
    < /system/setting/hkg/keylang_org.xml a21af0d2
    < /system/setting/hkg/setting.xml 78044006
    < /system/setting/hkg/setting_org.xml 78044006
    > /system/setting/eng/setting.xml 9c584ec3
    > /system/setting/eng/setting_org.xml 9c584ec3
    < /system/setting/kor/setting.xml d5bdd61b
    < /system/setting/kor/setting_org.xml d5bdd61b
    > /system/setting/kor/setting.xml 38cbefde
    > /system/setting/kor/setting_org.xml 38cbefde
    < /system/setting/rus/setting.xml df5e218c
    < /system/setting/rus/setting_org.xml df5e218c
    < /u-boot.bin 3a6b0079
    < /zImage 908756fe
    > /system/setting/rus/setting.xml 29a221fa
    > /system/setting/rus/setting_org.xml 29a221fa
    > /u-boot.bin adee774f
    > /zImage 16e8b673

    Update – Original link to firmware found @

    Update -2

    A very quick translation, gives us the following…

  • Djvu files support the function lower part from Story products.
  • Bookmark
  • Magnification (4 phases) – Functions in advance Popup (the case where the advance contents is loaded)
  • Ability to set the time with timezone
  • Fixes include:

  • ZIP file use at the time of pages amended the case malfunction part which will press long from comic view [e].
  • The part DOCX file use at the time of document sees, amended an error part. (From firmware 1.70 amendment)
  • When page pressing long, amended the part which goes wrong. (From firmware 1.70 amendment)
  • Relation of hot key configuration feature amended the part which goes wrong. (From firmware 1.70 amendment)
  • iRiver Story – Fonts

    The iRiver Story allows the user to install their own fonts, these fonts can truetype fonts (ones with the .ttf extensions).

    To install the fonts, connect  your iRiver Story device via your USB cable, then select mount/drive etc..

    Then browse via your explorer/finder to the font’s directory and just drag/drop/copy the .ttf to it, then disconnect.

    Then goto ‘Settings/Change Fonts’, then when goto your Diary/Memo the font will have take affect.

    Unfortunately I can seem to make it work for pdf files!

    Sample fonts i played with are:

    iRiver Story Firmware upgrade v1.6.1 (update)

    iRiver have again upgraded the firmware for the “iRiver Story” to revision 1.6.1 (previous v1.6.0 has been removed).

    So what is different?

    1. Added Functions
    a. Dithering function on PDF File and EPUB File
    b. FB2Viewer function

    2. Improvements

    a. Loading Speed improved on PDF File

    The firmware can be downloaded from [click on me].   Time to upgrade… fingers crossed it helps…

    I have updated the firmware and it seems to basically work, for those that download it, here are the checksums:

    Note: if you have downloaded v.1.6.1, the checksum’s should be:

    stephen-gennards-macbook:v1.6.1 spg$ sum ebook.hex
    32519 64116 ebook.hex
    stephen-gennards-macbook:v1.6.1 spg$ md5 ebook.hex
    MD5 (ebook.hex) = 456014efac1b638f8d3e4088f1a628be

    If however your checksum’s are… then you have the earlier v1.6.0 which appears to have been removed from the website, so you need togo back to the website and re-download it.

    $ sum ebook.hex
    33843 64116 ebook.hex
    $ md5 ebook.hex
    MD5 (ebook.hex) = 591e9274a476b8337f40b2ec30e21a50

    Review of iRiver Story firmware update

    Since installing the latest firmware update aka version 1.5.   I have experience the odd issue but as I have tried to be analytical about what issues I see.

    I have been lucky enough to be reading a couple of books from O’Reilly which deliver their eBooks in multiple formats, as the iRiver supports both ePub and PDF.  I have chosen to install both versions of the same book, so if I experience a issue with one I can flip to the other.

    Here is what I have found so far:

    • Reading of PDF seems to be the most reliable
    • Reading of ePub documents seems to very slow in comparison
    • PDF reading can be pain with small text, reflow helps but destroys technical book formats that has embedded code in it
    • Battery life is much better

    I have had a couple of crashes/hangs of the iRiver but so far it has only been with ePub files.  So guess what… I will be avoiding them like the plague.

    Has other people had the similar issues?

    Converting .chm’s for reading on the iriver story

    One of the first things I wanted to read on my iriver story was the montly msdn subscription magazine which is available as a .chm. Which unfortunately the iriver story does not support, so I needed to convert it into either .pdf or .epub format.

    As I am both a Mac and Windows user my choices were various from using a pdf printer on Windows to using various .chm readers on the Mac.

    I first tried to use a .pdf printer on Windows but this not work due me using a 64bit version of Windows 7 and all the free pdf printers failed to either install or just simply did not work… much to my own frustration, so I turned to the Mac as this has native pdf support but did not have native .chm support! Don’t you just love computers…

    On my mac I tried out various, these being:

  • Chmox
  • xchm
  • Chmosx
  • iChm
  • Again, I was meet with disappointment all of them either failed to display the embedded html in the .chm magazine (complaining about a nbsp entity) or just not displaying anything. So decided to raise a bug against the most the one I thought had the most chance of being fixed, which was the iChm application.

    So to my joy and delight the developer fixed it in version 1.4.2 and I was then able to load up the .chm, select Unicode encoding (as without this the pages did not display correctly) and then use the iChm function to export the .chm as a .pdf, copy it to the iriver story and I could then get back to reading all the years issues I had failed to read!

    So my tip for converting .chm to .pdf on the Mac is to use iChm as it works and the developer is very responsive to issues raised or was at least was for me! :-)

    iriver story – firmware upgrade

    Santa was very kind to me this year, as he has treated me to an iRiver Story ebook reader.

    Hopefully this will help me become less reliant to printed books!

    The first thing I found was that the firmware had been quietly updated to version 1.5. The changes are significant enough to state them and say that I have been using them for a couple of days and are delighted by the changes, thank you iriver.

    The major changes to the firmware include:

    . New Firmware supports “Table of contents” of PDF or Epub file.
    Please press”Option”button on PDF file.
    Cutting blank space of PDF file
    -. New Firmware supports the function, Cutting blank space of PDF file.
    -. Please press Zoom button and control its size with arrow btton.
    After the size control is done, please press Enter button

    * Power Option & User font
    -. New Firmware supports “Power Option” & “Changing font”(Office file, Text file, Memo, Diary)
    -. Menu -> Settings -> Power Option or Change Font

    The minor changes are for me equally important, the last one is especially welcome :-)

    a. Move Page
    -. Please press “option” button and select “Move Page”
    You can move the page with “arrow” button.

    b. Fit to Screen of comic file
    -. Please press “option” button and select “Fit to Screen on” to fit the screen size.

    c. Auto Page Transition of comic file.
    -. Please press “option” button and select “Auto Page Transition”
    You can set auto-page speed within 3 ~ 99 seconds.

    d. Dithering function of comic file
    -. Please press “option” butoon and select “Dithering on” to enjoy high-definition screen

    e. New Firmware support “GIF file” (by 2460*1948)

    f. Playback time is imporved from 24hr(max) to 30hr(max)

    The firmware can be downloaded from the iriver lounge or quickly from here!. Remember the .hex file always goes in the top level/root directory of the iriver story, the firmware update will start once you have disconnected from your computer.

    What next? I need to sort out some content for the device… more on this later..