iriver story – firmware upgrade

Santa was very kind to me this year, as he has treated me to an iRiver Story ebook reader.

Hopefully this will help me become less reliant to printed books!

The first thing I found was that the firmware had been quietly updated to version 1.5. The changes are significant enough to state them and say that I have been using them for a couple of days and are delighted by the changes, thank you iriver.

The major changes to the firmware include:

. New Firmware supports “Table of contents” of PDF or Epub file.
Please press”Option”button on PDF file.
Cutting blank space of PDF file
-. New Firmware supports the function, Cutting blank space of PDF file.
-. Please press Zoom button and control its size with arrow btton.
After the size control is done, please press Enter button

* Power Option & User font
-. New Firmware supports “Power Option” & “Changing font”(Office file, Text file, Memo, Diary)
-. Menu -> Settings -> Power Option or Change Font

The minor changes are for me equally important, the last one is especially welcome 🙂

a. Move Page
-. Please press “option” button and select “Move Page”
You can move the page with “arrow” button.

b. Fit to Screen of comic file
-. Please press “option” button and select “Fit to Screen on” to fit the screen size.

c. Auto Page Transition of comic file.
-. Please press “option” button and select “Auto Page Transition”
You can set auto-page speed within 3 ~ 99 seconds.

d. Dithering function of comic file
-. Please press “option” butoon and select “Dithering on” to enjoy high-definition screen

e. New Firmware support “GIF file” (by 2460*1948)

f. Playback time is imporved from 24hr(max) to 30hr(max)

The firmware can be downloaded from the iriver lounge or quickly from here!. Remember the .hex file always goes in the top level/root directory of the iriver story, the firmware update will start once you have disconnected from your computer.

What next? I need to sort out some content for the device… more on this later..

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9 Responses to iriver story – firmware upgrade

  1. RAZVAN says:

    I have a problem with my iriver story.When it tries to upgrade the firmware , on the screen appears the error : INVALID FIRMWARE.I mention that i don’t have in the root directory the file called playerlog.That it is strange.

    • spgennard says:

      I guess the first thing to check is to see if the file downloaded is the same, using my mac, I used sum and md5 commands to generate some checksums, along with a little ‘ls -l’ to give you an indication of the size of the file

      If the files are the same, then I can only conclude it is a transfer problem or a faultly device

      stephen-gennards-macbook:ebook.firmware spg$ md5 *
      MD5 (EBOOK.HEX) = 21f253f99ad8b2fd1e5cbcc89e67720a
      $ sum *
      6850 66032 EBOOK.HEX
      $ ls -l
      total 132064
      -rw-r–r–@ 1 spg staff 67616500 15 Dec 13:46 EBOOK.HEX

  2. RAZVAN says:

    Thanks a lot spgennard for your comment.Indeed it was a transfer problem.The initial ebook.hex file i downloaded was corrupted .I downloaded a couple of times the ebook.hex and firmware update went succesfull.

  3. spgennard says:

    That is excellent news.. have a good one.

  4. Aquaman says:

    Do you observe any noticeable changes in upgrading to 1.50? i hear that readers are getting frozen

    • spgennard says:

      I have not had any freezes while reading any documents yet but now that you mention it I will be more observant.

      Has anyone noticed any trends with the freezes? ie: it does occur with specific book formats or styles or books etc…

  5. Aquaman says:

    It occurs with pdfs, i have only come across it once while zooming into the pdf and then rotating it to landscape.

    on other note, how are handling the very small text in pdfs with reflow on, all i can do is zoom in. There is not any other option to change the size of text.

  6. anotherstory says:

    i have only just got my story yesterday and updated the firmware today. one of the features that i really liked was the fact that i could enlarge the font. now i cannot do that. when i took the reflow off, some of the sentences were right at the top or bottom of the page and i couldn’t read them.
    if anyone know how to enlarge the font with the reflow on, please let us know!

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