MacBook upgrade

My home laptop is my beloved black macbook which has a reasonable Core Duo 2.2 ghz but unfortunately the hard drive is getting a bit full due using as my digital photo album…

After a bit of research I decided to replace the 250gb drive with a new shinny 500gb from Seagate.


After receiving the drive I needed to clone the drive to new drive, which is pretty straight forward if you have a “SATA/IDE Adapter Kit with Power Adapter for a 2.5 drive” and “Carbon Copy Cloner”.

After cloning the drive you can checkout the drive by booting off the external drive to see if everything is as you expected (press right alt on bootup)… Note: cloning the drive too hours… so perhaps leave it overnight..

Installing the drive

Then you can follow apple’s own instructions, which are kindly documented below, though my drive housing required the use of my trusty torx security drivers bits because it had one of those security screws….. thanks apple.. 🙂 Ohh.. you might want to leave your macbook turned off for a while to ensure it is cool as the drive is a snug fit.

Anyway, the outcome is I have a larger, faster drive and zipper little macbook… it feels quite nice… why didn’t I do it earlier…


  • Apple’s drive replacement instructions
  • Seagate ST9500420AS, 500GB Mobile SATA Momentus, 7200RPM 16MB Cache
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