Getting started with Windows Azure

As someone has been working with Windows Azure since its early days I understand how much effort it takes to get started with the platform.

Luckily over the last couple of Windows Azure SDK releases the documentation is started to do justice to the platform itself.

Any here are some nice links to get you started:

General Overview Whitepaper
Official Microsoft Site
Updated List of all “How To” Documents for Azure
Video: Lap Around the Windows Azure Platform

UK Windows Azure Online Conference–8th October

As someone who is very interested in Windows Azure, I would like to draw your attention to a online conference being run Microsoft…

An online conference: “Microsoft Online Cloud Conference: the TechDays team goes online” has had a date change. In my first post about the conference, I said it was running on the 20th September. Well, the registration site was only created this morning and so to give people enough notice of the registration, the date has been changed. It is now running on the 8th October.

Here are the registration details:

Event ID: 1032459728

Language(s): English.
Windows Azure.

Duration: 300 Minutes
08 October 2010 09:30 GMT, London
Registration page here.