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Too Iterate or not…

Over the next couple of weeks, I will explore some of the reasons why I think managed environments are good for COBOL. So.. lets the show on the road… Setting up arrays/occurs items in COBOL and manipulating them can be … Continue reading

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Fiddling with the JVM

Java is a very safe language if used in a normal way, however just like the CLR it can be used in an unsafe manor. The main reason for using Java in a unsafe manor is performance, some unsafe operations … Continue reading

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NUnit and COBOL.Net

A while back, I spent a afternoon converting some C# NUnit documentation into COBOL .Net, so I thought I would share the document with the world, with the hope that it will help any one interested in using NUnit and … Continue reading

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Visual Debugger – Animator

This is a very old advertisement of our (Micro Focus) first COBOL debugger called animator in all its glory debugging the classic sample of the day pi.cbl, which calculates the value of PI. So why is so good? To put … Continue reading

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Object COBOL/Java default exception handler

While working on some support recently for our compiler (Micro Focus COBOL compiler that is), I became annoyed with the lack of a reasonable error messages/stack trace output from our Java/COBOL Object support. I have no idea why our default … Continue reading

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