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Re-using COBOL rather than converting it to C#

While reading a article on-line about using “NACA transcoder” to translate COBOL into Java it got me thinking about modernizing COBOL. While I agree 100% about the actual code generated by the NACA transcoder is not maintainable, I disagree that … Continue reading

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Metro up Java

Microsoft’s Metro environment is a bit of a closed environment for the Open Source language vendor, so although you can code Metro applications in C/C++, C#, HTML/JavaScript/CSS on both Intel and ARM chipsets the choice of other languages are non-existent. … Continue reading

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Fiddling with the JVM

Java is a very safe language if used in a normal way, however just like the CLR it can be used in an unsafe manor. The main reason for using Java in a unsafe manor is performance, some unsafe operations … Continue reading

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