Metro up Java

Microsoft’s Metro environment is a bit of a closed environment for the Open Source language vendor, so although you can code Metro applications in C/C++, C#, HTML/JavaScript/CSS on both Intel and ARM chipsets the choice of other languages are non-existent.

So where does this leave the JVM community, Perl or Ruby communities, well frankly unless they get started promptly then they will be stuck on the Desktop and not in Metro, though at first this does not seem such a bad thing. It does preclude apps being delivered to the user via the AppStore which are solely for the domain of the pure Metro applications

So it is possible to get Java, Perl or Ruby running in Metro given that we now have a reduced set of Windows APIs in WinRT framework plus the ability to execute dynamic code or even use LoadLibrary, Assembly.Load is now gone…

Well I think these languages might well have to look at embracing the CLR if they want to place nicely with Metro 🙂

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